How to achieve a reverb tail out of a parameter transition

I have a parameter that morphs a whole bunch of music. It goes from a normal ‘dry’ mix, into a trippy verb’d up remix (reverb baked into the .wavs).

When the parameter moves from 0 upwards, it high passes and low passes the normal mix, and opens up a low pass and high pass on the reverb’d mix. and same back down obviously.

The transition into the verb mix sounds epic, but the entry back into the normal mix is dry and abrupt. I really want to nail this with one parameter.

I want to use an fmod reverb to add a little tail onto the end of the verb mix, so the return to the normal mix doesnt sound so abrupt.

Anyone have any ideas how to do this? Thank you

There are plenty of ways to make a signal sound different for a short period of time under specific circumstances, but without knowing more about how you’ve implemented what you’ve got, it’s hard to know which would best fit your project.

Have you considered using a snapshot instrument to trigger a snapshot that automates the properties of effects in the mixer over time, and giving that snapshot instrument trigger conditions such that it only triggers when shifting back to your normal mix?

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