Keep reverb tails in segments

Hello. I’ve set up a project with several segments like this.

I want to set it up so I can play with the music structure. The main music structure is like this, but at any section change (where the destination markers are placed) I want to place a transition marker with a small probability of jumping to another section in the music. The problem is that I want to hear the reverb tail when leaving the section or when there is no jump, but not when landing at a given section. However, as per the user guide, the instrument will unload as soon as the playhead leaves the area and, likewise, the reverb tail will play as soon as the playhead lands within.
The only idea I have is to place transition markers to inmediatly afterwards to always trigger as a fallback if any of the transition markers didn’t trigger, and include the reverb tails within the transition. However, this looks a bit convoluted and I wonder if there’s a better way to do this.
I hope I was sufficiently clear :slight_smile:


The solution to keep playing the reverb tail is to configure your single instruments as “async”. It can has drawbacks, though…

Thank you @Alcibiade for your answer. I think I’ve found a way to keep them sync, but still achieve the result I want. I don’t think it’s very elegant, but it works.

It was key to leave a gap of more measures than I don’t know if I’ll find more problems down the line.