How to automate Filters and Parameters using the Fmod/Unity built in "Distance Attenuation"?

Hi Everyone!

I looked around, but could not find an Answer to my Problem. I hope you Guys can help me.

I want to use a 3D Object Sound with “Distance Attenuation” that not only functions as a Volume Automation but as a Filter Automation as well.

For Example: In Our Game (Unity) we have an Audio Event, wich have to sound damped in high frequencies when far away and bright in high frequencies when its close to the Player.
(in the best case any other Effect Settings as well)
I have the Idea that the Distance Parameter, with its own EQ-Automation is controlled by the Distance Attenuation of the “3D Object Spatializer” in Fmod Studio.

I don’t know if this is possible in Fmod, without additional coding in Unity.

Thanks for your Time and apologies for the grammar mistakes.

Built-in parameters get updated automatically in game for you.
So if you add a Distance parameter, it will be updated using the distance between the event and the listener. All you need to then do is add automation to an effect/property and use the Distance parameter you created to adjust the values.