How to avoid manually upgrading hundreds of [EventRef] to EventReference?

I’m trying to upgrade a Unity project from Unity 5.6.6 to Unity 2019.4.32 and I’ve got everything more or less working now except FMOD.

FMOD did actually work in the Editor without doing anything, but not in builds. It seems like I have to upgrade to FMOD 2 for it to work in builds with Unity 2019?

Now, as part of the upgrade process I ran the tool to update event references, and then I was presented with a huge lists of thousands of entries that all said “Manual Task: Add an EventReference field to hold ‘X’ from Y”. So I basically need to manually do an edit to one of my scripts for every one of those manual tasks.

It’s the type of manual task described here:

This seems insane. Is there no way to avoid going through this huge list of tasks manually?

Or alternatively, is there any way to have FMOD Studio 1.10.05 (with resonance audio) keep working with Unity 1019.4?

To make it a bit easier to migrate, you can try installing a 2.00 or 2.01 FMOD version instead of 2.02. In those versions, [EventRef] is still supported so it shouldn’t take as much effort to migrate. I recommend installing 2.01.12 and performing the steps in Upgrading from 1.10.
It might be possible to stay on 1.10, but I think updating to a supported FMOD version has more long term advantages.

Okay upgrading to only 1.01 instead of 1.02 worked. It does mean I’m prevented from ever upgrading further, unless FMOD implements tooling that can change the scripts according to its own suggestions in an automated way, for example using regular expressions.

Good to hear it’s back up and running, I agree that updating to 2.01 is really just buying time for you and others in your situation, so I’ll make a task to improve the Event Reference Updater so people don’t get locked out of future updates.