Upgrading project to 2.2 with EventRef

I’ve been trying to follow your instructions for “Manual Tasks” for the Event Reference Updater (https://fmod.com/resources/documentation-unity?version=2.02&page=tools.html#manual-tasks).

You say I should replace EventRef which is obsolete, with “[EventRef(MigrateTo = “DissolveAudioEvent”)]” but my compiler just continues to say that “EventRef” is obsolete. What am I doing wrong?

I get the difference between the Event Reference and the Event Path, but what is the “fieldname” in this context? I am simply trying to put an Event Reference in a public string so that the user can allocate any FMOD event to the component without going into the script.

After adding that code you need to click on FMOD > Update Event References and then click Scan. If you meet the requirements then there should be some automatic tasks to execute to migrate these methods over to the new one. Otherwise, the Update Event Reference dialog will show you which scripts you need to manually change to remove the obsolete EventRef methods.