How to better control a VR presentation through third party software

Hi, we’re heavily pushing our VR architectural deliveries at the moment and have come across an issue with the existing software out the box from Quest/Meta. At the moment the process of starting VR has us, (the operator), wearing the headset to navigate through a few essential menus. Then we pass the headset to the client, they put it on, then we start the VR. Headsets don’t like being taken off and put on too much and it’s making the software unreliable. Also, I think it just doesn’t look like a professional way to deliver a VR presentation when you’re in front of a client.
What we’re looking for some middleware between the headset and the laptop so we can remote control the presentation. I’ve just been to London and had a VR experience where you’re told to the put the headset on, then the VR starts automatically, clearly driven by some external software/operator. This is really important to us to get running as it’s holding back the VR side of things for us as far as offering this service to our clients or even approaching potential project businesses. Can anyone suggest an existing software package or someone to develop this for us? Many thanks