VIVE Cosmos Audio listening, Unreal Engine

Good Afternoon,

I’m enrolled in a course for Developing VR for UE4, and I had a question about audio implementation.

Unreal engine supports Plugins for Middleware such as FMOD, Wwise and Elias.

I have recently purchased an HTC Vive Cosmos as the Headset I intend to use for VR Development,

The documentation of Development with Vive details an SDK called 3DSP which is a spatializer compatible with the Unity Engine.

However I’ve had trouble finding documentation on a compatible audio SDK for Unreal Engine, as well as receiving any replies to my inquiry of the same.

Question: If I am developing with a VIVE headset for Unreal engine, do I necessarily NEED a VIVE inc. Audio SDK for implementing and triggering audio? If not, is it possible to setup a middleware listener attached to a player in Unreal, the same way as if it was for a Listener in a PC desktop game?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

You don’t need to use ‘3DSP’ specifically, you just need some sort of 3D spatializer.

Our docs for Spatial Audio is probably the best place to start.

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