Seek Speed

I’m trying to use “seek speed” to add crossfades to two stereo music tracks with an event. I thought this could be used to force volume automation to occur over a specified amount of time - is this correct? However when I assign a seek speed to a parameter, it seems to take the same amount of time to cycle through the automatic whether I set it to 1 sec or 5 seconds.

Any assistance? Also - should I be doing this with AHDSR instead?

Unfortunately I have no way of knowing whether AHDSR or seek speed is a better fit for your requirements. How frequently and under what circumstances do you expect the parameter value to change?

Seek speed isn’t specified in “seconds,” but in “units per second.” It’s the distance the parameter cursor travels each a second, measured in parameter units.

As such, if your parameter was 100 units long, and its seek speed was 1, the parameter cursor would take 100 seconds to travel the parameter’s full length. Similarly, if its seek speed was 4, the cursor would take 25 seconds to travel the parameter’s full length.


Ah that makes much more sense. Thank you!