Feature Request: Faster Seek Speeds


I’m looking for seek speeds that are slower than instant but faster than the current max speed (5/sec on a 0-1 param). This is to alleviate some binary behavior but still have very quick seek speeds.

Is there a reason there’s a cap?


FMOD operates with an internal frame rate that usually matches the game’s rate (but it can be set to be higher through the API). A faster seek would still quantize to frames so you can’t get rid of snaps completely.

Yup, there’s definitely constraints to work within concerning the framerate. With a 0-1 parameter set to the max seek speed (5 units/Second) the fastest time to move from 0 to 1 would be 200ms. Would love to be able to reduce this significantly.

One possible solution, if you have that option (programmer support) available, is to set the seek to instant, but interpolate the parameter on the game code side. Our in-house game engine can be set to do that on a per parameter basis.