Quality of audio file

Why when I listen to a file in the audio bin, it sounds like I made it, but as soon as I put it in the event, it loses quality and width? although it is the format of the project, and the event is 2d, not 3d, and in theory it should not change


Is it possible to get a recording of both the file in the audio bin and then when you have put it in an event? Or could you pass a copy of the file so we can try to replicate the issue?

Hello, Connor! Yes, here are links to 2 variants. One is the original and that’s how it plays in the audio bin
OriginalInAudioBin.wav - Google Drive

And the second when it is placed in the 2d event InFmodEvent.wav - Google Drive


Thank you for sharing those! I can see what you mean about the drop in quality.

Are there any components on the instrument that may be interfering with playback? Any effects that may be applied to the event here?

If you try it in a new project do you still experience the same drop in quality?

Hello! There are no effects hanging anywhere, and the feeling is that the sound loses the width of the stereo. Another thing I noticed, some sounds sound right, but if you put them in a Nested Event, they immediately lose the same width and quality. I tried to create a new project, and everything seems to be fine. But the thing is that the project already has a bunch of sounds, events, tune… what to do I do not know, what could be the problem?

Connor, here’s what I found, I had the default Reverb channel removed. As soon as I got it back, all the sounds started working properly. What’s the reason? It’s not like I’m sending anything to it. So it can’t be deleted?

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There’s been a few times where I had a drop in audio quality on an event after adding a new audio file to the audio bin and adding it to the event, but in my experience it’s usually fixed by hitting the Build button.


Thank you for sharing your findings and good to hear things are sounding how they should.

Just to clarify when you say the default Reverb channel are you talking about the Return Reverb found in the Mixer Window?

Yes, then you start new project it appear on mixer by default

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Thanks for sharing that.
I was not able to recreate the issue following the steps you provided. However, if you experience any other quality drops please let me know!