How to create gameplay that relies on audio input?

I’m trying to make a simple 2D platformer where the louder players yell at the mic the higher the player character jumps. Is this possible via FMOD?


Yes, you can! It will require two things.
Firstly, a script used to record mic input here: General advice on user-friendly process for players to upload audio assets then pipe them through FMOD-powered Unity? - #6 by Connor_FMOD.
Secondly, one of our FMOD Unity Integration | Scripting Examples, outlines creating and capturing a DSP which draws the sound waveform but can be changed for your functionality.

Keep in mind, you will want to add the new DSP to the sounds channel which is part of the micRecordSystem not onto the master channel group. So any reference of


Should be replaced with


Any reference to the Master Channel Group replaced with the sounds channel.

If you need any more help setting this up let me know!