How to detect overlap on UE4 grass system...

(JB) #1

Hi, currently have my Physical Materials in UE4 assigned to the meshes of the grass used in the grass system. My Physical Materials call a data table that directs FMOD on what to play…

I’m using this for the landscape layers to create Foley audio when you drive over it. But I can’t seem to get my pawn to detect when I overlap the foliage.

Ideally, I’d like to drive over or through a big bush and trigger my FMOD audio event in the PM Data Table as well as any other particles effects in the table.

I know if we made these manually with trigger boxes, it could be done, but there has to be a more efficient way to just detect when you’re encountered an object in the grass system wit ha pawn, is there something I’m missing?

Right now, I’m currently using a ray-trace to determine the physical material. This works just fine on the terrain layers or on the collision with objects that have geometry on them. Such as speedtree…

Is there a way to know when the pawn overlaps the grass foliage system?
Any help or directions to be pointed in would be helpful. Thank you.

(Cameron Baron) #2

You may have more luck asking this on a general UE4 forum rather than here.
I’ll leave this question here in case any other users have any ideas.

(JB) #3

Hey there… Thanks… I did ask on UDN on this one as well. I think I’m close to figuring it out… Getting the mesh’s themselves to generate volume boxes upon spawn… instead of having to manually place each one. Looking into this now…