How to get a trigger from a certain time passed in the audio track?

So the thing I wanted to do for my Unity project is that, I have an FMOD event with its different tracks and parameters.
Now, what I want to do is to find a way to trigger the parameters when the audio tracks get at a certain point in their time.

It’s not easy to expain but for example, I’d want to say like “parameter number 1 takes this value once the track number 1 is at 30 seconds, and when it’s at 40 seconds it returns to its original value”

What I managed to do so far is just to trigger the parameter values on the Unity side with a simple keypress input, but I’m not sure how I would manage to trigger the parameters from the audio time. Do I need to add something in my FMOD event? Or is it just on Unity components I need to add?

Hi, command instruments are the exact thing for doing this!

Ok, I’ll try to look around what those command instruments are and see if it’s not too long to understand and implement