Control the time marker with a parameter on FMOD+Unity

This is a tricky one to explain. I’m trying to make a puzzle with a cassette recorder. You can press forward or rewind, to make a certain audio play(rewind vs forward sound). I want to make a transition region at certain point of the tape that if a player hits play (a button, a FMOD parameter acting as a trigger), the solution track is heard. Easy enough to this point.

But what If I wanted to know where do I exactly stopped the audio to play it later where I left it. For example I play rewind up to second 0:04, then I stop the cassette and play again, starting now at second 0:04? I want to save the time when the audio stopped at a variable, and I’m guessing If I could make the time marker at FMOD Studio a parameter as well, or is there any function FMOD has I may use. This way I can start the audio where I left it before, instead of starting from the beginning.
Any ideas?

Thanks for reading

Can’t you just pause the event/instance instead of stopping it?