Unity/FMOD/Viking Village

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am practicing with putting audio into the viking village demo. One section involves loops set in FMOD. I have all the integration working properly and my music loop plays on LEVEL START.

What I am looking for: when player is outside the village = instrumental music
when player is inside the village = drums fade in and last until player leaves village again.

I have a parameter set up in FMOD that controls the volume of the drum track that will play over the instrumental music. My question is how do I get Unity to recognise this parameter and is there a way to set this up without using code? (Im assuming not!)

Hope I explained myself properly and tks in advance :slight_smile:

Experiment with the FMOD Studio Parameter Trigger component and adding it to Unity collider objects.

This page gives a demo of Unity collider objects and starting events
so you’ll have to replace the step of adding an Emitter and use a Parameter Trigger instead.

Docs on Parameter Trigger component.