How to identify events in the API Calls window (Profiler)

How do we identify events with the API Calls window?

There’s only numbers in the arguments for the calls.

I don’t think that’s possible, but that would be handy…

Navigation of the API log is not super easy, you might need to navigate into the [project]\Metadata\ProfilerSession folder and look at the .txt capture in a text editor.

The first argument to the EventInstance functions is its ID, to match that ID back to the EventDescription GUID look for the first instance of that ID in the log, it should be a EventDescription::createInstance call, where the ID is the second argument. The first argument to that call is the EventDescription ID. Same process, find the first instance of that ID, it should be a Bank::getEventListItem call with the ID as the last argument. The first argument is the Event guid which you can copy and paste into the event browser to find the event in question.

I hadn’t considered it before, but having the IDs as hyperlinks that jump to their respective editor, i.e. EventInstance IDs jump to the event browser, BusInstances jump to the mixer could be a pretty nice feature.