Event log feature?

We’re looking at using more of the built-in FMOD debug tools, and I was wondering if there’s an event log in the FMOD profiler or is there something like that in Unity? I sometimes find it quite handy to see a list of all the events that have been triggered (in real-time), or that FMOD was asked to trigger but may have declined to trigger. The profiler certainly has some handy features, but AFAIK it’s hard to see a simple list of what played and in what order.


There’s a lot of information available in the profiler.

Have you tried clicking on “Lifespans” in the transport bar to view all the event instances that existed during the session, including their start and end times?

You could also select any track that represents a bus to see a representation of each currently-playing event instance in 3D space.

For even more information, you could always click the “<>” button. It brings up the API calls view, allowing you to step through the session frame by frame and see the API calls made in those frames.

Do any of those possibilities suit your needs?

Thanks, Joseph. The Lifespans feature may work quite well for me (for seeing things like what event triggered first). Up until now, we’ve used an in-house debug window that does text print outs, so I think I mostly just needed to think about this in a different way than I’m used to.