How to install FMOD Studio on Linux

I’m also very interested in a Linux version.

Would be nice to have linux version

here’s one more name for on that native-Linux-interest-list :slight_smile:

I must add however, that version 2.01.08 seems to be working very well on wine - been using it (lightly) for three days now, without a single crash or other hiccup noticeable to me (as a beginner user).

I am interested too!

FMOD Studio for linux is now available for download for version 2.02.00.

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FMOD Studio version 2.02.00 has now been released, for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


You are THE BEST! Thank you.

Linux version works perfect even without crashes.

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wow great! Thanks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hi, I just installed the latest version but it seems that integration isn’t working ? It’s just an empty window. Anything I have to do here ?

The window is essentially a web browser that only lets you access one site. If it appears to be blank white, it’s likely that FMOD Studio is having trouble accessing the internet, either because your machine has no internet connection or because a firewall or other protection is blocking FMOD Studio from using that connection.

Hmm I think I can rule these out because I can browse the internet with a regular browser,
and I tried various networks that don’t have a firewall. But, that being said, which
browser library does the Linux use ? Maybe it’s just not installed on my system (I’m using
it on Arch). is rendered using Qt WebEngine (Chromium). However, this comes included in the FMOD Studio package, so should work on any Linux distribution without your needing to manually install a library for it.

It’s possible that the port that uses by default (12345) is already being used by another application. For example, GoG Galaxy also uses port 12345 by default, so the tab of the audio bin window may be blank if GoG Galaxy is running on the same machine.

I checked, the port is not in use … so that’s not it :frowning:

What Linux distribution are you using? It’s possible that it’s a distribution-specific issue.

Hi, i see that for linux a .deb package is provided.
How can i install FMOD on distros which use the dnf package manager? like fedora and RHEL?
the “alien” conversion tool does not work.

Hi @olbotta,

We have made an experimental AppImage build of the latest version of FMOD Studio available on the downloads page. It has been tested and works on a fresh Fedora 36 installation. Please let me know if this solves your issue.

Kind regards,

Ok! i downloaded it ad it works like a charm! many thanks!

just as info, is there a plan to package it as a flatpack in the future?
it is not necessary of course since there already is an appimage

We don’t currently have plans to package via Flatpack or Snap as those channels don’t match with the way that our releases are built/distributed. I’m glad to hear the AppImage is working!