How to know which nested event marker callbacks are coming from

So we have a setup where there’s an event with 4 similar nested events playing at the same time, and we’re getting marker callbacks from the nested events to see what state they are currently in.
We don’t know which event gives which callback though, since we’re only getting the callback name.
The events are separated onto tracks so if we knew which track the event giving the callback is on, that would be ideal.
Any ideas how to go about that?


The only information passed on by a marker callback is the name of the marker and its timeline position. If you cannot identify which event the callback was in from these two pieces of information, there is no way to identify the event.

Have you considered giving the markers unique names? That would allow you to determine which nested event the callback came from. It would not allow you to identify the specific instance of each of those nested events it came from, but that should only be a problem if there is more than one instance of some nested events and you need to know which one fired the callback.