Marker callbacks from nested events or an alternative way to switch events

Using 2.0.11 with Unity

Hey, so i’m working on a music system where you have multiple instruments playing loops.
So you have an “instrument event” which handles the loop being played with transition markers and the genre just by changing which track is on with the mixer.
Then there’s a “Instrument Container” event which is just a Parameter sheet with all of the instruments laid out. and then the main player event which has multiple instrument containers playing in parallel.
It feels like a bit of a hacky setup so i’d be happy to get suggestions for a better way to set this up.

Anyways, on unity’s side I need to indicate which loop is currently playing per instrument. I get marker callbacks on the main event but not from the nested events. I saw some mention on the forums that there’s some issues with getting marker callbacks from nested events in 2.0.9, is that still an issue?

Anyways, if there’s any suggestions on how we could get callbacks for the nested events or how else we could approach this problem, it would be much appreciated.
The most important part is that each instument should be possible to swap out with a different one.

Thanks a bunch!

edit: I’ve confirmed that callbacks work from nesting 1 level down, as in, from the event inside the main event. So the question is is it possible to get callbacks from 2 degrees of nesting, or how to make this setup with 1 level of nesting?

This issue was meant to have been resolved in FMOD Studio 2.00.11. Could you please verify that you are using the latest Unity integration?

We got the unity integration associated with 2.00.11.
To be clear. We do get callbacks from events within the main event, but we don’t get callbacks from an event inside an event inside the main event.
We’ve since redesigned our setup to work with one layer of nested events, however, i do have another question.
Is it possible to get some other info of the event along with the marker, to clarify which event the marker is coming from, since we have multiple of these nested events playing at the same time?

You should be able to get all callbacks from every referenced/nested event within the event in question from the fixed version. Are you able to post the code you’re using to get the callbacks?

In regards to your second question - it’s not possible to see which event the callback is coming from, instead it might be worth setting up some named markers to indicate this.