How to load MIDI file and retrieve played notes

So my question is divided in 2 groups
First one is kinda noob, but it’s because i’ve been using FMOD just for a few days and spent on research for this issue:

  1. How can I load a MIDI file in FMod? I just can’t drag it into the audio track. I researched a little bit and maybe i need to load first a custom sound bank such as gm.dls?
  2. Once the MIDI file is played, is there a way to retrieve the information of the played notes and store them in variables?

Hi Kamal,

If you are using an FMOD Studio project, you will need to use a Programmer Instrument in the timeline and then add the MIDI file into your game code where FMOD::Sound would normally be loaded. Take a look in the Studio API example Visual Studio project (available in downloads) at the programmer_sounds project. There currently isn’t a way to add a MIDI file directly into an FMOD Studio project.

If you are using the low-level API you can simply load the MIDI file into an FMOD::Sound and it will work there.

FMOD can only read and playback MIDI files so the only function available to get information is just about how long the MIDI file is:

You would need either a custom script or third party program to provide you with information on what notes are being played.