How to move an FMod session to another computer when the session is linked to a unity project?

Hi, I’m a newbie in FMod and this might be a newbie question.

I’m an audio director working remotely for an indie game studio through GitHub.
But since I’m quitting the job at the end of this month, I need to give my current FMod session(that has audio events and routings integrated into the game’s Unity project) to the next audio director who’s gonna be in charge. The new audio director and I are not in the same city so we can only do so remotely. How can we do this? Thank you!


There is the option to Package the project under File -> Package Project
Note you will have to save the project before packaging.
Since you will want to share everything with the new engineer you will want to select all the options in the Packaging window

The engineer will want to make sure they have at minimum the same major FMOD version as you e.g. 2.0X and they can open the package as they would any other FMOD Studio project.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, Connor!

Actually, I have another question. So, after packaging the project and sending it to the new audio director, is it necessary for her to redo the FMod Unity integration process? The process that I went through the first time I linked this FMod session on my desktop to the game’s Unity project.


That will depend on how FMOD Studio is included in your source control. Could you elaborate on how you have done this?

Yes. So I followed the instructions from this youtube video:
FMOD + Unity Integration (2.01.05) 2021

To summarize my FMOD+Unity integration steps:
I downloaded the FMod for Unity package and then imported it into the game’s Unity project. Then, I created an audio folder in the Unity project. After that, I went to my FMod session’s Preferences - Build, and chose the audio folder I just created in Unity as the built banks’ output directory.
I then selected the right source type and build path (to the Build folder from the FMod project) in Unity’s FMOD menu.

This way, I was able to work entirely in the FMod session. If the game developers need any sound, I will create events with those sounds in FMod and click on build. Then these changes I’ve made will be recorded by GitHub (our entire Unity project is source controlled by GitHub) which then can be committed as pull requests and eventually add those sound events in Unity. The programmers can then assign those sound events to various game objects.


Thank you for the summary. It sounds like you are using the Multiple Platform Build for the Source Type
This means that the Audio Director won’t have to reintegrate the FMOD Project. They will just have to ensure that their FMOD Studio Build location lines up with the location of the current banks in the Unity Project, e.g. the current location currently set in your project.

Hope this helps!

Hi Connor,

I just checked the Unity project and it is using the Single Platform Build. Does it matter? Can I just change it to the Multiple Platform Build if that is the right source type for my situation?

Many thanks!


No, that won’t make a difference. It was an oversite on my side, leaving the settings as is will be fine.

Got it! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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