How to split event channels and place them in different locations?


Good afternoon everyone,
I am programming an ambiance system within Unreal Engine and I would like to be able to play a stereo sound event by placing the L and R channel in predefined places around the player, but having them be static, that is, they do not move when the player rotates.
I give an example in case it is not understood, my intention is to reproduce a stereo sound event (wind sound for example) which, when reproduced, can be divided into L and R and assign a static position to each one. (for example, in east and west directions at 20 meters from the player).

The question then is: is there a way to split the left and right channels of an event when playing it, without having to make two events to achieve that end? I know that a similar result can be achieved by making two mono events or others complex alternatives, but my intention is to make the sound design process easier and not having to make many events just for one sound.

I hope you can give me a hand, thanks in advance!

Nicolas C.

The best way I can think of is just to have two separate events. While you can drill down into an events underlying tracks and the channles in those tracks, you won’t be able to set their positions in 3D space with ChannelControl::set3DAttributes because channels aren’t “3D” sounds. There is potentially some convoluted setup you could do that involves both FMOD Studio and the FMOD API to get this working, but it will be significantly more complex than just having two separate events.