Playing a music event non-location and client-side?

I can’t seem to figure out how to get my music event to play at the initial start of the game (at main menu) and have it play completely client-side, and not have to be attached to anything / have a world location.

Is the current integration SFX only at the moment?

or am I missing something in the blueprints?

I tried setting the event on fmod to have NO attenuation and max distance, but even then when placed in the level somewhere it is just a ~10m area.

Hi! Fellow user here. I have not used FMOD with UE4, but if you delete the 3D panner from the event it will play back the audio without spatialisation or attenuation.

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Thanks! I tried that before and it failed, but this time it did it.

So I went about Jonas’ suggestion and had the fmod music event be a component under Mycharacter. it works!

I was also able to figure out having a box overlap trigger from a room or hallway blueprint cast to mycharacter, allowing me to change the music parameters, therefore music changes by areas!