How to transition between three tracks seemlessly

I’m using the API using just .NET, in a sample project. It’s working great now and I can play tracks/etc no problem. However what I want now is Adaptive music between three tracks.

I have three music files. They are all the same length/etc. One is boss, then battle, then ambient. Right now what I want to be able to do is transition between them perfectly. I am not sure how I can do this easily. Can anyone give me tips?

Right now I’m simply playing the auto on a basic channelgroup/channel. Nothing fancy has been done, Playing another track works but it restarts to the beginning of the song. I’m also hoping for fade effects so it sounds ‘ok’.

I know I could do this with two instances of FMOD and decreasing/increasing the volume but that is probably hack way of doing it. I’m sure there is a better way !

Edit: The songs are currently loaded using ‘FMODSystem.createStream’ and the loaded songs are played. I currently have one Channel. I assume I’ll need more than one channel to do this.

I’ve manage to do it with two channels where I’d get/set the position but I’m not sure if this is the best way. I don’t know how to fade them yet, but I assumed I needed more than one channel so I can actually reduce the volume of one during.

When I change the song though there seems to be a slight skip, it’s not exactly seamless so I’m wondering if this is actually a good/right way.

You might want to try magnet regions - - and transition timelines - - to achieve what you’re looking to do.
You should be able to do both cross faded or direct transitions depending on what effect you are trying to achieve.