How to use the Unreal FMOD Plugin for Android and iOS at the same time?


Hey guys, maybe a dumb question, but when I downloaded the FMOD Plugin for Unreal i saw that the Windows Version includes Android and the Mac Version includes iOS - the plugin is named in the same way though.

As we are in the Process of Developing for both systems I would also love to integrate both Plugins. What would be the best way to do so (if there’s a way)? Should I just install the Mac Plugin on my Mac and the Wiindows Plugin on my Windows?

I guess that would lead to some “function not found” issues and break my game.

I hope theres a nice solution, thank you already!

Cheers, Pascal

Sorry guys, I just now got recommended some Answers I didn’t find with the search function, so I’ll link the other Threads that solved the issue here!

But long story short - just throwing both plugins in one Folder will make both platforms useable - that’s nice!