Installing both Mac & PC Plugins in one Repository

We’re using Perforce to sync our UE4 game repo across the team.
Some use Macs, some use PCs.

The FMod plugin files seem slightly different, in the fact that the Mac plugin has iOS/Mac folders and the PC version has Android/PC/etc.

Can I merge the two unzipped plugin folders into one and sync them in our repository? (I’d like for FMOD to be installed in the game directory so we don’t have to tell everyone on the team how to install and update the FMOD plugin on their machines).

Can I merge all folders into one, or do we have to keep the Mac/PC Plugin folders different?


Yes, you can merge the two zips together. If you unzip one on top of the other it you will end up with all the files required for all your relevant platforms.

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That’s awesome, thx!!