How do I know if an add-on plugin will be compatible on iOS/Android?

I found these neat plugins for glitch and bitcrusher effects:

It looks like they’re easy to install for Windows and OSX, but I haven’t yet found contact info for the creator, and wondering about iOS/Android for mobile versions.

From what I see on these look like “Dynamic Plugins”.

I’m using FMOD + Unity.

What needs to be done to make these plugins work on iOS/Android so they’ll play on all platforms? It’s not clear to me.


Unfortunately, as the developer stated this plugin will only work with Windows and macOS. An option may be getting in contact with the developer of the plugin and asking for versions compatible with Android and IOS.

@Connor_FMOD I haven’t been able to find contact info for Davi Santos… if anyone knows please help. It looks like these were last updated years ago, which is unfortunate, because I’ve played with them in FMOD Studio and they’re pretty cool.

I wonder if anyone else here uses DvnGlitch or DvnBitCrusher?

Would be worth having built-in versions in FMOD Studio (hint hint).

So that leads me to another question: what is the fallback behavior for plugins that aren’t available on one platform? Is there an error shown to the player/developer, or does it just get gracefully bypassed?

I will pass on the suggestion to the development team.

Trying to play an event with a plugin on an unsupported platform will cause the FMOD system to fail to initialize, so it will not be bypassed. However, you can still load banks with unported plugins using the initialize flag


You will want to add that to the end of line 273 in RuntimeManger.cs. This will allow banks to be loaded even if they are missing plugins, but it will not allow events to be played if they are missing a plugin.

Trying to play an event with a missing or unsupported plugin will log this error:

SystemNotInitializedException: [FMOD] Initialization failed : Loading plugin 'dvn_glitch' from '' : ERR_FILE_NOTFOUND : File not found.

This is because Android uses .so files and currently the DvnGlitch plugin is only built as a .dll. So you have to be careful to make sure your plugins are supported on all your target platforms.

Hope this helps!

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@Connor_FMOD THANK YOU. I hope your time spent answering this will also help others in the future. I haven’t been able to find much at all on openly-available FMOD plugins (whereas plugins in AU/VST DAWs are a FLOOD!), so it seems like there’s a LOT of untapped potential here to create more for ALL supported platforms, and make it clear how to install them.

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No worries!

I will make a note to look over our docs and improve our examples for installing plugins.