Trying to build FMOD in Unreal 5.3 (Win + Mac)

We are trying to use fmod with Unreal 5.3 in co-working mode…
user 1: windows 10
user 2: windows 10
user…: windows 10
user 6: Macos , actually works with fmod

I (user1) made a blank C++ project, following:

I was able to open the project and work with it (config from fmod reamains to be done)… the question: Has MacOS user to compile his project with the macos version of the downloable plugin?

The main difference between the Mac and Windows versions of the FMOD plugin are the FMOD libs that ship with the plugin (Windows/Android vs Mac/iOS), and that the Windows versions ships with support for Niagara - the source code for the plugin is largely the same. That said, your mac user should compile their project using the mac version of the plugin just to be sure.

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thx! we will do it!

Finally, the musician (the person who had to work with fmod) used paralels to install unreal5.3 and 36GB of visual studio :(… now we both can work
The ‘problem’ continues with the other 3 from the team (windows 10 users) …
Should they install visual studio to work togheter , despite they dont use fmod (they are 3d artists) :thinking:


They may not necessarily need to install Visual Studio, but they will likely require Visual Studio’s build tools.