How would you recommend assembling conditional variations? (basic question)

Hey, I’m new to Fmod and would love advice on how to best organize this.

For example, I have a simple hit grunt Sound. (It must play once and just end).
And I want to have a different sound for female and male characters.

I figure it’s not good to have them on different Tracks as if later I want to add something else on the second track this will be a problem.

So another option I thought was to use “Horizontal” space to separate male and female variations and somehow with parameter jump to desired pos. But, I’m not sure which Fmod tools are best for this task, for non-looping sound.

For example, the sustain point I guess is not good, because it will not tell me sound ended in Unity.

Any advice would be appreciated!

I would use a parameter sheet with two values (Male, Female) and place the appropriate sound/instrument on the corresponding value, then set the parameter in Unity before playing the sound:

If it’s a complex sound consisting of multiple tracks I would create two addition events (MaleHit, FemaleHit) and reference them in the parameter:

(simple example)

Thank you! I think this will work nicely.