HTML5 - 3D binaural audio options?

Hey there!

I was wondering what are exactly my options for 3D audio when using the web version of FMOD?
I know there is a very simple panning solutions, but I want something where a panned audio signal has some delay between the ears, a lowpass on one side of the ear, and also some more realistic attenuation where a distant sound becomes lowpass filtered etc.

I don’t need the newest fancy HTRF or some extreme realism here, just something a bit more advanced then just panning the sound left/right!

Thank you for every info and help in the right direction!

It is possible to produce all the effects you describe by using FMOD Studio’s built-in effects. You could, for example, use a combination of sends and channel mix effects to split an event’s signal into different “left ear” and “right ear” tracks, and automate the track volume and properties of a delay effect and a multiband EQ effect on each of these tracks on the 3D attributes of the event, such that the delay, volume, and lowpass of each ear’s signal varies depending on the listener’s orientation relative to the event emitter in 3D space.

It would require some effort to set up, however. Are you looking for a more out-of-the-box solution?

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Thank you, I will try that! It’s definitely worth the effort!