[HTML5] Chrome mobile - distorting sounds

I’m testing the examples provided via the HTML5 download. Thank you!

When I serve them via a web server, any android chrome that connects to it seems to play distorted sounds unfortunately. Firefox seems ok.

Ps. please host the web audio on this website again please

Read over the Performance and Memory docs for HTML5, some of the information in there should help.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work.


  • Stuttering on Chrome android only (firefox android OK)
  • playsound.js api/core/examples
  • tried different DSPBuffer
  • how to set lower hz? (always 48000hz)

Other ideas?
Update: Most likely performance related - how to set the lowest cpu/quality possible? (although it only goes to max 2%cpu usage…)

You can set the samplerate using System::setSoftwareFormat.

What version of FMOD are you using?

Thanks. Changing the samplerate did not fix it.

We’re using the HTML download -> “fmodstudioapi20005html5”

If you host fmod html audio on this website again (or try yourself on a local webserver and access the ip by smartphone) I’m sure you will encounter it too.

So far I have only been able to reproduce this on devices running Android 8.0 and older, is this the same for you?

By changing the DSP buffer size to 4096 x 2 I was able to solve the distortion on one of the devices, but the other still had a small amount of distortion. This is likely due to the low latency mode not being supported on that device. The only solution in that case is to have a switch in the app to make the latency really high/extra large for bad devices.

Thanks. The DSP buffer size of “4096 x 2” did the trick. Seems good!