Huge playback lags on Switch

We are using FMOD on our switch project. We have an issue of huuge lags on loading/playing audio samples in some situation. When the sample is not being used for a long time, or it is supposed to be played for the first time, or right after streaming some big samples ( like music ), samples are being played with a big lag. Sometimes it’s even like 5-7s. I thought that maybe it’s IO issue, but after turning off streaming on everything exept music it’s still thesame.

Any ideas what might cause the issue ?

Resising Initial Audio Memory Poll Size to 128Mb, overriding Compression Time Threshold to 5sec, and changing codec do Vorbis halped a lot - but not totaly. There is still some playback lag - specially when playing sound for the first time. It happens to be up to 0.3-0.5s.
We would still like to have it as it should be.

Have you tried using the Studio Profiler to see what is causing the issue?

It sounds like it could be caused by sample data loading at the time the event is being played, for non-streaming assets you can load the sample data ahead of time to avoid the loading delays.

I had same issue on 20006 on PS4 even if all sample data was loaded, updating to 20007 fixed this for some reason, but it was not mentioned in changelog.