Playback Lag

Hi there,

My client is experiencing playback event call playback lag. I’ve switched the compression to ADPCM, but the issue still persists. Any other suggestions on how we could help the responsiveness of event playbacks?

Thanks for your help!


Many people always have latency issues, and there seems to be a number of things to check to make sure to reduce those issues. I suggest any answer listing potential latency culprits be made a pinned thread. :slight_smile:

What platform is this?

It’s for iOS.

I know there could be MANY things at play here, but I’m wondering if there’s anything on our end you would recommend changing to improve response time. Like I said, I know this could be very difficult to troubleshoot, but I’m just wondering if there is something major we may have missed on the FMOD side.

I also assume ADPCM response time is fairly good? Or would we get significantly better response time with a lower sample rate using just straight PCM?

Thanks for your help!