I have a question about Unity for Fmod

hello. I am developing a rhythm game with fmod. Does the method of playing a sound file pre-loaded using the CreateSound() function in the code using the PlaySound() function have a higher playback delay than the method of playing the FMOD Studio project bank sound file?? I want to get the lowest playback delay.


Assuming both methods start from the exact same state, in theory the Core API method of playing a sound should execute faster than play the equivalent FMOD Studio event. This is because a Studio system executes commands asynchronously, while the Core system does not.

That said, usually this difference should be negligible unless you’re bombarding your Studio system with an extremely large number of commands per update, and as you’ve noted, both sound (for the Core API) and event (for the Studio API) sample data can be preloaded to eliminate delay before playback.