Sound is delayed

I’m experiencing this issue where my sounds have a delay when played. I know I have to preload samples an all that, but I’ve already done that. There is a bank loader in the scene and I enabled “preload sample data” on the sound. All the assets used in the sound are set to “stream” for loading type (but I have tested other loading types), yet the delay doesn’t go away. This happens in studio, in editor and in build. I’m experiencing this issue with multiple, likely all sounds. The sounds I am using do not have a delay themselves and I also experience the issue on a simple test event with one timeline, one track and a single 1/4 of a second long sound. Also, only this FMOD Project is affected. When I recreate the test sound I just mentioned with in a new Project with the same settings, I don’t get a delay. Clearing the .chache folder does nothing, changing the dsp buffer size to 128 does nothing. I don’t get any of these issues when using another project of mine that is equally complex.

Here’s an example:

The fact that you’re experiencing the issue in Studio, editor AND build is a standout point, and indicates that it’s probably not an issue with sample data loading/streaming, but it more likely an issue with the signal chain, or a bug with Studio itself.

Could I get you to upload your Studio project (or a stripped down version where you can still reproduce the issue) to your FMOD user profile? Also, what version of FMOD Studio are you using?