IgnoreListenerPause Options for FMOD

Currently in our game, when we pause, we are using the RuntimeManager.PauseAllEvents method to pause the events.
Something we would like to implement is sounds playing while the game is paused, eg. hovering over buttons, preview of volume when using sliders, and a voice-line that plays when you click the quit button.
Right now, the sounds won’t play until you unpause the game, due to PauseAllEvents. Unity’s default audiosource API has IgnoreListenerPause, and I’m wondering if there is something similar in FMOD’s API? I’ve looked through the documentation and I’m hoping it’s just something I’ve missed, or maybe a workaround that someone has worked out previously. Any help would be great!

PauseAllEvents just calls Bus::setPaused on the Master Bus. There are several ways to solve your issue. Simplest solution I can think of is to create two groups under your Master Bus. Put all the events that should be paused into one group and events that should still play in the pause state into the other group. In game then call Bus::setPaused on the first Bus.