Implementing spatial audio voice chat into Unity project


I have a question / a problem with my project. I have been working on a VR-application in Unity with implemented Vivox voice chat.

So far, I have everything working except the spatial audio. I tried it with Vivox, but I can’t get it working with their documentation. The issue is that every time I change my ChannelType to Positional, everybody is connecting to their own chat instead to the same one. So, I want to have a Stereo audio voice channel and implement FMOD to make it spatial audio.

So, I thought maybe I can use FMOD for the spatial audio feature. Would it be possible to implement spatial audio voice chat?

I added the FMOD Studio Listener to my MainCamera inside the XROrigin rig. And I don’t really know what to do next? Someone got any tips or tricks, or can guide me towards the right way?