Implementing spatial audio voice chat into Unity project


I have a question / a problem with my project. I have been working on a VR-application in Unity with implemented Vivox voice chat.

So far, I have everything working except the spatial audio. I tried it with Vivox, but I can’t get it working with their documentation. The issue is that every time I change my ChannelType to Positional, everybody is connecting to their own chat instead to the same one. So, I want to have a Stereo audio voice channel and implement FMOD to make it spatial audio.

So, I thought maybe I can use FMOD for the spatial audio feature. Would it be possible to implement spatial audio voice chat?

I added the FMOD Studio Listener to my MainCamera inside the XROrigin rig. And I don’t really know what to do next? Someone got any tips or tricks, or can guide me towards the right way?


Depends on how the voice chat is implemented- if Vivox gives you access to the underlying audio buffer then you should be able to send that to FMOD and then spatialize it.
There was a discussion recently about voice chat with FMOD that is worth reading through for ideas on how to pass voice chat data to FMOD. There ended up being some issues with Unity’s OnAudioFilterRead callback that affected spatialization so that is definitely something to be aware of.