External (Microphone) input

Hi and thanks for reading!

For a next project we’re trying to get two people to meet in VR space, since it’s difficult to meet in person these days. For this we’ll need to spatialize the voice of the players. I’ve tried before to do this with the API, but the community and our teams circles were unable to help us translating the API’s CPP example to something that we can work with, for instance a C# translation. The FMOD team stated that it was unclear when C# examples would be included in the API. I don’t mean to be unthankful, but I’ve looked in the 2.01.00 update and, alas, found no recording.cs and no external input possible in the Desktop application either.

I’m loving the new event colors, command instrument behaviors, and inverted parameter conditions, but making any multiplayer project with normal voice communication using FMOD is really going to be difficult, since we cannot allocate a dedicated audio programmer next to our unity programmer, who is unable to solve this issue.

I can understand that such a seemingly simple feature takes a lot of work since it involves an updated source selection, data compression, encoding, networking etc. but is there any insight where on the roadmap this function will be added to the Desktop Application and/or when the C# version of the API actually has any C# examples?

I’m looking forward to your reply.

We have been thinking about making C# examples however they aren’t currently scheduled for release anytime soon. You should be able to get an understanding on how to use microphone input in C# by looking at the Unity programmer sound example and the C++ microphone example.