Import MIDI tempo / time sigs?

I use tempo and time sig changes in my compositions, and I would love to be able to import a MIDI file into FMOD Studio project and have it grab all the tempo and time sig changes rather than me having to add them manually (sometimes there are 100+ of these changes in a piece). Thanks!

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I believe the Reaper integration in FMOD allows you to “export” the markers from the Reaper project into an FMOD event. But that would assume that you’re already working in Reaper, which really isn’t a viable solution for everyone.

It may be possible to export a .csv-file (or MIDI, or similar) from your DAW which contains the tempo changes, and then write a javascript tool for FMOD Studio (using the FMOD Studio API ) which reads your file and adds markers based on the info it finds in the file.

There’s probably a lot of coding for that to work, but it may be worth it in the long run for you :slight_smile: