In editor performance issue

This occurs when you select your FMOD audio component in the blueprint editor or when you select your object in the Level editor. In my project, I have a BP for which I’ve added 3 FMOD audio components. In the BP, just select one audio component and you can already see that a lot of CPU ressource is taken. With 3 audio components attached to one BP, I don’t even want to select it in the Level… I think it’s a bug somehow. I don’t know what code is running when “onSelect/onClick” event upon the FMOD audio component but something must be wrong.

I’m running UE4.7.3 but I think that this occurs since 4.6.

We have noticed that and had added a task in our list to investigate and fix. The most obvious candidate is the sphere bounds drawing code but even omitting doesn’t seem to make a difference. We’ll spend a bit more time looking into it and chopping editor side visualisation away to see what part is causing slowdown.

Found the problem. It will be completely fixed next release.

Using UE 4.7.6 and FMOD Studio 1.06.02 just compiled from github integration repo -> OK!