In editor performance issue

(Tensa_Zangetsu) #1

This occurs when you select your FMOD audio component in the blueprint editor or when you select your object in the Level editor. In my project, I have a BP for which I’ve added 3 FMOD audio components. In the BP, just select one audio component and you can already see that a lot of CPU ressource is taken. With 3 audio components attached to one BP, I don’t even want to select it in the Level… I think it’s a bug somehow. I don’t know what code is running when “onSelect/onClick” event upon the FMOD audio component but something must be wrong.

I’m running UE4.7.3 but I think that this occurs since 4.6.

(Geoff Carlton) #2

We have noticed that and had added a task in our list to investigate and fix. The most obvious candidate is the sphere bounds drawing code but even omitting doesn’t seem to make a difference. We’ll spend a bit more time looking into it and chopping editor side visualisation away to see what part is causing slowdown.

(Geoff Carlton) #3

Found the problem. It will be completely fixed next release.

(Tensa_Zangetsu) #4

Using UE 4.7.6 and FMOD Studio 1.06.02 just compiled from github integration repo -> OK!