Unity Sound not working with Xbox Build

We are trying to build our title for xbox platform in Unity. We have used FMOD for 70% of our sound implementation, for the rest 30% we have used Unity’s Audio System.

We were having issues when we play our xbox build. After searching in forum, we came to know that, FMOD does not work well with Unity’s audio and it’s recommended to disable unity audio for xbox platform.

We are very late at our development stage. So is there any solution so that both FMOD and Unity’s audio can work together?

We are using FMOD version 2.02.04 with Xbox GDK June 2021 Update 4, (10.0.19041.7032)

Unfortunately disabling Unity audio is essential to get FMOD to run on Xbox One.


The only option is to disable Unity audio and redo the 30% of sounds from native Unity in FMOD.

EDIT: Our integrations developer has informed me there could be a workaround if you try the following:

  • Disable audio using shapes in Unity (not sure if this is a thing in Unity)
  • Don’t use XMA for the FMOD Studio bank encodings for Xbox