Integrating Reaper not working

Hello I am trying to integrate reaper and following the document in the help menu, everything works up to the point where I trying to import the timeline from reaper, I tried to drag the reaper .rpp file session file into the events as suggested here

‘‘Once the metafile for a Reaper project is generated, it can be imported as an event by dragging the Reaper project file ( .rpp ) from a file manager into the [events browser]’’

but it does not work?
Would anyone know what I’m doing wrong, I’m on a mac.

It seems to be working when I test it here, so I must be doing something differently to you.

Could you describe in detail what happens when you try to import a Reaper metafile as an event, and how it differs from what you expect?

Maybe I am mistaken, so I don’t import the reaper .RPP file only the .fsprometa file?

That isn’t an option.

So the .rpp file opens in FMOD, but when I try to drag it to the Events it will not let me?

The integration .eel script seems to be working in reaper. Do I have to render the session files, or will FMOD see my current timeline in Reaper, this is where I am confused with the process?


It works for me. The process is as explained in the manual. It seems that once the render option is set correctly, the FMOD’s eel script runs to generate the metafile, and the reaper project is saved, dragging the .rpp file to the event tab renders the files automatically.

So do I need to have a separate destination for render files as opposed to reaper session files?

Did you find a solution for this? I am having the same issue after following the documentation. Everything works until the dragging of the Reaper session into an event…

No, just gave up, sorry.

Why don’t you just drag into the assets instead? It works (though I have some workflow concerns with Reaper integration). Draging into the events doesn’t work for me neither.

I was following the instructions here as the moderator told me to do?

Your suggestion is welcome but does not work either.

Yeah, sorry, my post didn’t really answer to your problem, I hadn’t read you well talking about the scripted timeline integration.

I did give a try the the timeline integration, and it doesn’t work neither. It worked one step furtner than @123qwe by correctly recognizing the metafile. However, it can’t find wave files that do exist:

I don’t get, in the doc, the part saying: Directory: Must match the "Rendered Assets Path" field of the linked project asset. In fact, when importing a .rpp as an event, FMOD only look for assets files in the Reaper project root folder.

By the way, changing the Reaper Projects Folder in FMOD preferences, to one directory or another, or letting it blank, doesn’t change anything.

Lots of weird things…
[FMOD version used: 2.01.09]

Nicely researched well done,
I feel if FMOD is going to advertise that you can integrate another piece of software into theirs they should really make it work, as I spent hours trying to debug this and then just gave up. Too much time for little returns…

Who is here from FMOD, is this a Mac OS issue?

Ok, the timeline integration eventually worked, when I imported the .rpp as an asset first, then drag/dropping this asset from the asset tab to the events tab.
If I try to directly import the .rpp as an event, it fails to retrieve audio files, despite they are all in the reaper project root folder (which is the only one FMOD seems to look at).