[REAPER] Cannot create Timeline Event from Reaper

Hello everyone, this is my first post here !
I have a problem for some hours now, and cannot find any solution for this…

I have just started to use Reaper as a DAW, because I saw it can be linked to FMOD quite simply.

I followed this official tutorial, but after creating my Reaper project, created the FSPROMETA, set up and exported my regions, imported my project in the FMOD asset tab. Now, I am stuck at the Timeline Event creation.

For the software versions I am using Reaper 6.10, and FMOD 2.02.10 ( and tried 01.01 ).

In the asset tab, everything seems correct. I have my audios under my RPP.link file, and can play everything from this tab.

Here is the error I receive :

I would very glad if someone could help me, maybe I am just missing something stupid, but I verified all the process many times…

Thank you :grin:


It’s likely that your .timeline.fsprometa file and your exported audio regions aren’t in the same directory. The error message that you’ve received shows where FMOD Studio is expecting your audio files to be based on .timeline.fsprometa - try moving the audio files to those locations and seeing if that fixes things.

Hey just came back from work !
Thanks for the reply, though it seems everything is in order about file directory… or maybe not !

Here is what my directory looks like : in the Audio files there are the audios used by reaper, and these wav files are the rendered regions.

I’ve read that rendered regions audios should be in the same directory than both the timeline.fsprometa ( as you told ) AND the Reaper project.

Do you have think about any other possibility ? Or is something wrong in the way I organized my files ?

God damn, just realised that the file names FMOD waited weren’t the same that I recorded… Don’t know why, I will look for this later !
Thanks for the reply though :slight_smile: