[ Interactive Music ] Quick transitions issue

Hello there !

I’m having issues with transitions for interactive music.
My system is based around different areas triggering different themes.

Basically what happens is If I switch from Desert to Ruins for example, the transition will work just fine, but if I switch to one zone and the parameter changes during the transition segment the playhead has to jump straight as the transition ends and a stutter occurs.

It’s really problematic as I need long transition segments and I need the system to be very reliable.

Is there any workaround ? I tried adjusting the quantization of my transition regions but it didn’t help.

Thanks !

Are your transition regions set to relative offset mode? If not, the solution is as simple as introducing a small gap between the destination marker or beginning of the destination region and the beginning of the transition region at that destination.

Can’t believe I didnt think of this.

After experimenting, there are still some things to consider tho.

The gap cannot be to small or I get the same issue and if the quantization is too tight (1/8 for example) the chance of it stuttering increases. It’s really a matter of trying everything out.

Thanks a lot for the help, this forum really is a goldmine.