Last quantization point not triggered within transition region

One of my students encountered a weird issue with transition regions that I’m not even sure if it’s a bug or not.
He wanted to have quantized transitions to different markers for the first part and the end of a loop.

Both transitions have the same parameter condition (0=no transition, 1=transition) and are quantized every 1 bar.

If the transition is triggered between bar 7-8 it won’t move to marker “PartB”, but it’ll skip the last quantization point and only consider the first one of the next transition region, therefore moving to “PartB2” instead. The same happens with the second region: if it’s triggered between 8-9 the last quantization point is ignored, then loops back to the beginning and triggers the first transition region instead.

But if I extend the length of both transition region by a small amount like this:

it seems to be enough for FMOD to “recognize” the quantization point and move on.

Is this the transition region normal behaviour?

I suspect this is a bug. Thanks for reporting it.

Normally, when multiple things that could cause a transition (in this case, a transition region quantization point and the end point of a loop region) are at the same timeline position, FMOD Studio determines which to follow by evaluating them from top to bottom, and transitioning according to the first whose conditions are all met. However, it seems that if the end point of a transition region coincides with the end of that transition region, no transition can occur at that point, so quantization point at that position is ignored for the purposes of determining marker prioritization.

I have added this issue to our bug tracker for further discussion. If it turns out to be a bug, it will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

Thank you Joseph