Ios Audit error: Check out the hot update framework or api that is disabled by Apple: [wax]

Hi, I use the FMODStudio plug-in for UE4 (4.22 patch1)to publish ios applications, and Apple audits an error: Check out the hot update framework or api that is disabled by Apple: [wax].
Currently I am sure that [wax] feature code refers to Playlist files (such as ASX/PLS/M3U/WAX formats) in libfmodL_iphoneos.a, anyone tell me how to solve it?

I did some quick research and I believe Apple are referring to this:
It looks like a framework that allows scripting to change behavior, which is prohibited.

I can assure you we don’t use that in FMOD, any reference to WAX in FMOD is a very niche metadata file format used on Windows.

Hi, I know you guys don’t use that in FMOD, I think the Apple audit only scanned the keywords:[wax], if i disable FMODStudio plugin, this error is gone

If this is part of a store submission I would contest that rejection with Apple. Simply including a three letter string in code should not constitute a rejection.

I also think this part is very unreasonable, thank you for your attention and reply :slight_smile:

If it is convenient for you, Would you help me compile libfmod_iphoneos.a and libfmodL_iphoneos.a without [wax] three letter string, for UE4 4.22 PATCH1, I would do a quick test for Apple audit? my email:

Unfortunately providing custom versions of that nature aren’t something we offer for developers on the free tier of our support. I highly recommend you take this up with Apple as we both agree, this is a mistake in their software characterizing FMOD as something it isn’t.