Is FSBank API available for android

I was trying to use FSBank for android but suddenly found that the API dont have .so files
It only contains dll files.
Is there a way I can use FSBank API for android


Unfortunately, this functionality is not supported.
Could you elaborate on what you are trying to do by using the FSBank API on Android?

just wanted to somehow be able to make FSB5 on android

So that i could make my own fsb input on android in such a way that i can use it to play audio


Thanks for clarifying. Currently, we do not have the functionality to create fsb files on the Android platform. I can see how this could be useful and have passed it on to our development team to look into further.

However, you can still create fsb files on Mac, Windows, or Linux and read them on Android or any other platform. Which might be a workaround in the meantime.

Again I apologize we can’t help at the moment.

Good luck with your project!