Is it easy to use FMOD exclusively for sound/music management in Unreal Engine 4?

Hi folks !

As far as I understand we can’t made an Unreal Project for PS5 that is using both Unreal and FMOD audio system since “they both require system resources that can only be claimed once for the application”.

So for a project to be released on PC and PS5 we must using exclusively FMOD from the start for all the sound we are using in the project from simple footstep sound to background music.

Since I’m new with FMOD can someone tell me if we can use FMOD to manage every sound easly for example in Animation Montage, C++ class and Blueprint ?

Thanks all for your time and patience :slight_smile:


You are correct only one system can be used on the PS5. The FMOD integration will let you manage all sounds in Unreal. I will link the Unreal Integration, which will outline how you can use FMOD in Unreal from C++ classes and for Blueprints. For Animation Montages, you might have to be a bit more specific about how you would like to use them. If you have any questions please let us know!